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Erectile Dysfunction In Men.
Erectile Dysfunction In Men.
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Erection problems sooner or later occur in almost any man. Any of these situations, not to mention their combination, leads to a significant decrease in the level of satisfaction with all aspects of sexual life. It is interesting, by the way, that regardless of the causes of erection problems, a man, constantly experiencing past unsatisfactory episodes and worrying about their possible recurrence in the future, greatly aggravates the current situation. This can be expressed either in insufficient firmness of the penis, or in the slow achievement of an erection, or in its sudden disappearance during intercourse.





Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction Diagnostic studies of the violation are aimed at identifying the cause that caused it. First of all, they differentiate between psychogenic and organic impotence. For this, morning erections are monitored and a special test is performed, involving the introduction of an erection inducer into the penis, followed by stimulation. They say about impotence when the penis does not achieve sufficient hardness during the period of sexual arousal, as a result of which a man cannot carry out penetrative intercourse.





Impotence is understood as the absence of an erection, as well as the spontaneous cessation of organ tension. About pathology Regular erectile dysfunction, accompanied by the inability to conduct a full coitus, is called erectile dysfunction. With age, as testosterone production decreases, libido fades, which also affects the number and quality of erections. The development of pathology is influenced by the work of other organs and systems, the health of the body as a whole.





Dysfunction can be caused by chronic disease, infection, pain. - Quitting smoking, alcohol and other substances that affect the systemic blood flow; - Increase in physical activity and sports (fitness); - Weight control (body mass index); - Correction of blood pressure (drugs that do not reduce erection); - Control and, if necessary, reduce the level of glucose and cholesterol fractions in the blood; - There are also medications that improve the blood supply to internal organs, but they can only be prescribed by a qualified therapist (cardiologist) for specific indications.





Fortunately for men, there are drugs for increasing potency based on Tadalafil and Sildelafil that will help restore men's health. A man is acutely experiencing failure, becomes nervous and irritable, tries to avoid such situations. If you monitor your health, undergo a timely examination, receive the necessary treatment and have a regular sex life with a regular partner, you can maintain sexual activity until a ripe old age.





The situation is aggravated by the fact that every failure in bed exacerbates the psycho-emotional state. A list of these popular drugs can be found on the men's health website. Uncertainty in one's abilities can provoke depression, depression. It is not worth setting records, but long breaks will not be beneficial. Remember that regular sex is the prevention of many congestion in the male body and is much more useful than prostate massage. And of course, any dubious sexual intercourse is a reason for an immediate visit to a doctor!





For each man, the concept of the norm in sex is strictly individual.





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