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EP153: DANIELA CELI & MARTIN CROZIER – Solace in the Studio

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This week I am so excited to share my  conversation with Daniela Cell and Martin Crozier from Barry’s and Solidcore, respectively! The word that comes to mind when I reflect on this podcast episode is kismet. I had originally planned to record with another creator, and when he cancelled last minute, I racked my brain for people in my life who I could record with. After taking a class with Martin the previous Friday, I decided to reach out and see if he would be interested in talking about the mental health benefits of group fitness. He graciously agreed, and then I realized how important it would be to share a female perspective on this same matter. I called up Barry’s in Brooklyn Heights and asked if any of their female instructors would be open to coming on Solace and the City last minute. (We’re talking 15 minutes before “lights, camera, action”). Like a true champ, Daniela took time between her two back to back classes to come to the studio, and the rest is history!

This spontaneous conversation does not disappoint! Daniela and Martin talk about their journeys towards becoming fitness instructors and the things they have gained both inside and outside of the studio. They also share some really cool insights about how they tailor their classes to the location, time, and studios where they coach. Be sure to follow @danielamceli and @martin_crozier on Instagram, and DEFINITELY check out their classes in New York City!

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