You are currently viewing EP155: ARSHAY COOPER – Looking Back and Pushing Forward

EP155: ARSHAY COOPER – Looking Back and Pushing Forward

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This week I am so excited to share my conversation with Arshay Cooper, a rower, author, motivational speaker, and volunteer for numerous community outreach organizations. I was connected to Arshay through my wonderful friend Stella Stephanopoulos. Through Stella, I learned about Arhsay's work in the rowing community as well as his memoir. A Most Beautiful Thing is moving true story of a group of young men growing up on Chicago's West side who form the first all-Black high school rowing team in the nation, and in doing so not only transform a sport, but their lives.

I had so much fun talking to Arshay about his memoir, the documentary based on this incredible true story, and the advocacy work that he is still involved in today. Be sure to follow Arshay on Instagram @arshaycooper to keep up with all of the amazing things he continues to spearhead.

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