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EP157: DAN FABI & BETSEY GOLDWASSER – Redefining Grief

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This week I am so excited to share my conversation with two friends and aspiring clinicians, Betsey Goldwasser and Dan Fabi. I met Dan through a former guest, Ari Borinsky, because we both changed careers and decided to become therapists. Betsey is a friend and fellow graduate from the Columbia School of Social Work. Some of my first conversations with both Dan and Betsey were about their love for Experience Camps, an award-winning national nonprofit that transforms the lives of grieving children through summer camp programs and innovative, year-round initiatives. Through compassion, connection, and play, we allow grieving children to embody a life full of hope and possibility. By amplifying their voices, Experience Camps is creating a more grief-sensitive culture. In this episode, Dan and Betsey talk about what led them to pursue careers as therapists and how their time volunteering at Experience Camps influenced their decision to work in the helping profession. I had so much fun recording this episode with Betsey and Dan and am EXTREMELY excited to be volunteering at Experience Camps this summer! Be sure to check out to learn more about this wonderful organization.

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