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HOPE WOODARD – Tis The Season For Sobriety

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The most-listened-to guest of Solace and the City is back and better than ever! I am SO excited to be sharing my second podcast conversation with Hope Woodard with you all. In this episode, Hope and I have a sobriety catch-up. When we first recorded back in January, I had been only 10 or so days sober, and Hope had been well over the year mark. Fast forward to this conversation, and I just hit my 300-day mark! Over these 300 days, Hope has been re-evaluating her relationship with alcohol and other substances. We talk about the real struggles that come with maintaining a soberish lifestyle and the importance of meeting yourself where you are. Hope shares her plans to be boy sober for the next year and explains her theory about jumping in and out of the wagon when it comes to her own journey cutting off substances. I really think you all will enjoy this episode, as Hope is truly amazing. Be sure to share it with your friends, follow @justhopinalong, and check out her new podcast Phone A Friend!

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