JACQUELINE TRUMBULL – Is He A Narcissist or Just a Frat Bro?

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This week I had an absolutely incredible conversation with Jacqueline Trumbull, and former contestant on The Bachelor! Jacqueline is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology at Duke University and was able to share her insight into some very important mental health topics. Because her research focuses on Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Jacqueline is able to break down the nuances of these conditions and how exactly they manifest. She also explains the signs to look out for in someone who you think may have NPD. Jacqueline also has a mental health podcast called A Little Help For Our Friends, where she offers advice on how to speak to and care for loved ones with mental illness. As this is a topic that is quite close to my heart, we discuss the ways in which to support our friends while also maintaining our own boundaries. Finally, Jacqueline shares her experience on Ari’s season of The Bachelor, specifically in regards to the psychological manipulation that can occur on reality TV.

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