MY GRANDMA – Another Christmas Carol

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This week I have a very special episode featuring the one and only Carol Rosen, also known as my Grandma! Last Christmas I sat her down to learn about the stigmas around mental health back when she was growing up that vastly affected the ways in which her generation assessed and treated psychological disorders. This year, I wanted to learn more about my Grandma’s personal story. Although we couldn’t be together for Christmas, she told me the romantic story of how her parents met and love letters that her father sent my great-grandmother during their brief but beautiful marriage. My Grandma was and still is an absolute babe, so I had to learn her secrets of how she navigated the dating world, which ultimately led her to finding my Grandpa! Finally, she shares some advice on love and life which you won’t want to miss. If you want any of my Grandma’s wisdom, you can send her an email at Enjoy!

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