Zoe Scurletis

Your Host & Founder

Zoe Scurletis

Zoe is a young professional living and working in New York City.  For most of her adult life, Zoe battled anxiety and depression, and in 2017 she lost a close friend to suicide.  She longed to do something to bring awareness to the mental health community, so in October of 2019 she launched Solace and the City™.  Through authentic conversations about sensitive subjects, she works to open up the conversation around emotional wellness.  Her goal of the podcast is to reduce the stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicide by sharing these powerful stories.  She finds solace in doing just this.

Digital Media & Marketing Manager

Sydney White

Sydney is a third year student at the Johns Hopkins University studying Psychology and Spanish.  She has always been fascinated by psychology and hopes to one day work with prosecuted individuals claiming an insanity defense. Sydney is also extremely passionate about human rights and spends time serving disadvantaged communities when she’s not working on her studies.  She finds solace in knowing that she has an amazing support system of friends and family that she can rely on regardless of the situation.

Social Media Strategist

Sophia Yunaev

Sophia is an incoming freshman at Florida State University starting her education as an English/Marketing major. Throughout her adolescence, she has found a passion for sustainability and has implemented this enthusiasm into a clothing business as well as service within her community. Sophia hopes to show others how kindness towards our Earth can bring greater self-awareness. She finds solace in helping the people around her connect with their ability to better the world.